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DoW Map Pack I
10.01.2006 von TommyLee

Hallo zusammen...

hier das erste Community Map Pack für Warhammer Dawn of War.

Neue Maps:

2-Player Maps

Bridge Too Far by Rendy.[CZech]

(Updated, Final and not available anywhere else!)

River Canyon by Hanna

(A burbling creek, majestic peaks, and this looks like a nice spot to sit with a sniper rifle?)

4-Player Maps
Archon IV by Acturas

(City fighting like you?ve never seen it before)

Icefields by AngelSaphire

(Updated and not available anywhere else!)

6-Player Maps
Jungle Assault SE by Rayden

(Updated Jungle Assault is available elsewhere, but this one?s so much easier to install)

Testing Grounds Level 2 by Sps

(If you survived the Testing Grounds, this is the Final Exam)

8-Player Maps
Fort Atlantis by kap

(Takes the standard ?Square Map Where Everyone Starts In A Corner? to a whole new level)

Kasyr Lutien by Maraschino

(The wildly-popular eight-player version of Kasyr Lutien)

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