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DoW Map Pack II
10.01.2006 von TommyLee

Two-Player Maps
Abandoned Faith by vs322

(Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Sandstorm by monoRAIL

(Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Four-Player Maps
St. Mathias Bridge SE by Star Wars Kid

(some nice city fight environment for 4 players)

Water Station by Civik

(Many paths, many possibilties .. excellent 4 FFA map)

Six-Player Maps
Gates of Ultramar by Rayden

(City defenders vs. attackers, opens up a new refreshing gameplay)

Imperial Starport by Boots262

(Fight in surroundings around an imperial starport)

Desiderata Highlands by kap

(Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Eight-Player Map
Arx Haustrum by gravehead

(Exciting team fighting in a jungle/city environment)

Don?t forget to get Community Map Pack I and install it first for the best experience. (But you can install them in either order.)
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